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Latte, americano and espresso

Latte, americano & espresso.

That sort of sums up a typical morning session at the office [local coffee shop]. The pandemic has created a whole contingent of remote workers. A small windfall for coffee-shop owners, but for the regulars, the ‘office’ has become a little too crowded.

I have now worked as a freelance writer for almost three decades. I suppose this would put me in the category of ‘fairly experienced’, but really, one is only as good as your last job. Although experience does count.

I am now at a stage where I have decided to slow down a little to create more time for my own work. So this year, when I am not writing copy or editing academic texts [mostly business and economics], I will be working on a history project on the Cape’s early whaling industry.

Coffee-table books

I enjoy working on larger projects, especially if they require some historical research. It takes quite a bit of discipline not to become side-tracked while doing archival research for a client. That is exactly how I stumbled onto the whaling project mentioned earlier.

Travelling with a camera

There are few things that inspire me more than travelling and photography. I have ridden a Mongolian pony through the northern taiga, crossed several time zones on the Trans-Siberian Railway, cycled through the Camargue, walked the Camino through Portugal and mushed dogs in Finnish Lapland.


I am also passionate about gardening, sustainable agriculture and managing my own food garden.

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